Civil protection

What does the Civil Protection do?

The Civil Protection renders assistance to the population when minor and major disasters occur. She provides reinforcement to emergency services with heavy and specialized equipment. The Civil Protection in Belgium comprises 450 professionals and 650 volunteers that are available 24h/24, 365 days a year. They work in six operational units that are scattered on the Belgian territory.

Operational units

The Civil Protection provides the population with assistance in case of small or big disasters. They work in six operational units spread over the Belgian territory:


The reform of the civil security (in particular the fire departments and the Civil Protection) has three main goals: an optimal organization of the relief provided to the population; increasing the safety of the citizens and relief workers; professionalization of the work frame for the members of the emergency services,

Intervention modules

Catalogue of the Civil Protection intervention modules.

Specialized teams

The Civil Protection and the fire departments have a number of tasks for which they need to use special techniques or need special equipment. To be able to execute these specialized tasks correctly, a few specialized teams were created.